February 2021 Update

Following the provision of strategic UK-specific advice on the pre-action phase, the collaboration with Fox Williams has concluded.  We thank the Fox Williams’ group litigation team for its valuable strategic input and support. Hagens Berman is now  “behind the wheel” and excited to be driving the litigation forward on your behalf, having finalised the litigation funding, ATE insurance and the claimant journey.


United States law firm, Hagens Berman, is a global litigation pioneer advocating for consumers who owned or leased dirty diesel emission vehicles, reaching settlements in these matters exceeding £11.9 billion.

The firm is at  the forefront of emissions-cheating cases, a highly specialised realm of law. The firm is dedicated to this cause, and is the only U.S. firm that has purchased an emissions testing machine to determine if other diesel car manufacturers install similar cheating devices, bringing new cases based on the firm’s own research, time and testing.  In doing so, Hagens Berman has become a proactive pioneer – testing vehicles, effecting scientific evidence of new fraud and leading the charge against manufacturers who fail to comply with the law, which includes Mercedes. No other firm has taken on the risk in developing automotive emissions cases like Hagens Berman has.

When news broke in 2015 of Volkswagen’s massive diesel emissions-cheating scandal, Hagens Berman represented thousands of consumers and took a leading role that would result in a £10.3 billion, record-breaking settlement for owners.  Hagens Berman’s work and results are further evidenced by the recently announced £1.5 billion agreement in principle regarding Mercedes’ diesel vehicles, culminating investigations brought by the Department of Justice, Environmental Protection Office and California attorney general. The agreement includes a £500 million settlement for U.S. consumers impacted by loss of resale value and other damages resulting from Mercedes’ emissions fraud. Hagens Berman is committed to ensuring recovery for all Mercedes owners around the globe and will be helping Mercedes owners in England and Wales obtain the justice they deserve. Hagens Berman


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